Unraveling Plan 65 Ltd: Pensions & Property Claims


In the vast realm of financial advisory services, names like Plan 65 Ltd or its later identity, DK Consulting (Berkshire) Ltd , might sound familiar to many. The reason? A sequence of events that have raised eyebrows and caused waves of concern among many who sought financial advice.

At CP Financial Claims, we've delved deep into the matter to ensure that those affected are well-informed and guided through what might seem a confusing web of claims and counter-claims.

Plan65 Ltd: A Journey of Rebranding

Plan65 Ltd which also previously traded under the brand Davidson Rae Financial Management, once operated as a regulated Financial Advisor providing pension advice. It lost its FCA permissions on 23/04/2018. However, after ceasing FCA-regulated activities in 2018, on 9th March 2019, the company changed its name to DK Consulting (Berkshire) Ltd and was ultimately dissolved on 16th March 2021. The rebranding process raised questions among clients about the continuity of liability for the advice provided.

The Rowanmoor Connection

One significant aspect of Plan65 Ltd's history is its connection to Rowanmoor. If you were a client of Plan65 Ltd, Davidson Rae Financial Management, or DK Consulting (Berkshire) Ltd during the period they offered financial advice and other regulated services related to the transfer of pension funds to self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs), and/or your pension fund was transferred to Rowanmoor, you are likely to have valid grounds to pursue a mis-selling claim.

We are here to assist you in understanding your options and guiding you through the claims process.

Property Overseas Advice Controversy

During its operational years, Plan65 Ltd faced allegations of providing advice to clients regarding purchasing overseas properties using their pension funds. However, Plan65 Limited contested that their advice solely revolved around the transfer of pension funds to SIPPs and claimed they explicitly excluded guidance on overseas property investments.

Despite their claim, the strict regulatory rules governing pension advice eventually came into action, and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) found the advice provided by the company to be unsuitable for its clients. In December 2020, the FOS concluded its adjudications against Plan65 Ltd , although these claims must now revert to the Compensation Scheme as the firm is dissolved.

Have You Been Affected?

We, at CP Financial Claims, are diligently working to uncover more layers to this complex narrative. If the names Plan65 Ltd, DK Consulting or Davidson Rae Financial Management strike a chord, we recommend taking this moment to reach out to us. As we unearth more, we'll ensure you stay informed. Until then, stay vigilant and remember, we're here to help.

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