Recover From Affinity Bond Losses


Investing can often be a complex journey, with its fair share of ups and downs. For investors in Affinity Global Developments, the road has taken a challenging turn. Understanding the intricacies of investment recovery can be daunting, especially when faced with the closure or liquidation of a once-promising venture. CP Financial Claims stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking clarity and restitution in these uncertain times.

Understanding the Affinity Global Developments Case

Affinity Global Developments, known for its bond offerings with the allure of returns between 8% and 12%, has become a focal point for investor concern. The company, which was incorporated on May 27, 2014, underwent a name change from Affinity Global Resorts Limited to its current title, reflecting its broadened scope. Yet, the financial turbulence that followed has left many investors seeking answers.

In May 2020, a pivotal change occurred when Affinity Global Developments, operating under the name ANILANA INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS PLC, entered liquidation. This shift significantly affected investors and their retirement plans, particularly those who had invested through Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs).

The SIPP Connection: Guinness Mahon, Gaudi, and Beaufort Securities

Guinness Mahon and Gaudi are among the pension providers entwined in the Affinity Global narrative. With Gaudi at the helm as a SIPP provider and administrator, the investment process for many was closely linked with these firms. The inclusion of Beaufort Securities, a company with a history of FCA fines and a wealth management approach, added another layer to the complexity of the investment activities.

Investors, like the referenced Mr. C, found themselves in a precarious position after directing substantial funds into Affinity Global bonds, only to face the unsettling outcome of liquidation.

Role of Financial Advisers: The Case of Assured Review IFA Ltd

Independent financial advisors, including Assured Review IFA Ltd, played crucial roles in guiding investors through their financial decisions. As the stories unfold, the involvement of financial advisors in the recommendation of Affinity Global bonds comes under scrutiny.

The Fallout and the Path Forward

As the details of the investment into Affinity Global Developments bonds become clearer, the need for a reliable path to recovery is evident.

At CP Financial Claims, we understand the gravity of such financial setbacks and offer a compassionate and professional service to help navigate the aftermath. If you recognise the names Affinity Global Developments, Guinness Mahon, Gaudi, Beaufort Securities, or Assured Review IFA Ltd, and feel your investment journey has taken an unexpected detour, we are here to assist.

Where To Go From Here

If you believe your investments have been misdirected or mis-sold, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is prepared to offer you the personalised assistance needed to chart a course toward financial redress.

Have you Been Affected?

At CP Financial Claims, our goal is utmost transparency. You'll only be charged a fee if we successfully secure financial redress for you. The success fees can range from 15% to 25% of your settlement, depending on the amount. For more information, click here.
In the event that you pursue your claims until the end but they turn out to be unsuccessful, you won't owe any payment. If you decide to cancel your claim after the 14-day cooling-off period but before the process concludes, there may be a cancellation charge. To learn more about cancellation fees, click here.

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