Pensions & Pitfalls: The Pension Office's Untold Tale


Welcome to CP Financial Claims, where we provide crucial information about potential mis-sold claims related to The Pension Office Ltd, an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). If you suspect that you might have been affected by their actions, we encourage you to read on and reach out to us.

This article sheds light on the circumstances surrounding The Pension Office Ltd, which was dissolved on 13 June 2020, leaving many individuals concerned about their pension funds, particularly those associated with Rowanmoor, a trustee and administrator.

The Pension Office Ltd: Background

Sheffield-registered and incorporated on 8 October 1996, The Pension Office Ltd had been operating as an IFA for many years. Unfortunately, their journey came to an abrupt end as they failed on 30 September 2015.

The Rowanmoor Connection

One significant aspect of The Pension Office Ltd's history involves its association with Rowanmoor. If you were a client of The Pension Office Ltd during the time it was operational, and your pension fund was managed by Rowanmoor, you might have grounds to pursue a mis-sold claim. We understand the complexity of such cases and are here to help you navigate the process.

Trading Under Another Name

Dive a little deeper, and you'll find that The Pension Office Ltd didn't always operate under that name. From 8th October 1996 to 14th May 2003, they traded under the moniker: Pension Transfer Advisory Services Ltd. This additional facet of their operation makes the scenario even more intriguing.

What's Next? And How Does It Impact You?

With limited information currently available, it's natural to have questions. The lack of concrete details are indeed frustrating, but our commitment remains steadfast. As we uncover more about this intricate tale, you'll be the first to know.

For now, if the names 'The Pension Office Ltd', 'Rowanmoor',  or Pension Transfer Advisory Services Ltd, resonates with you, it’s time for some reflection. Could you be impacted? If you think you might've been affected, your next course of action should be clear: reach out to us at CP Financial Claims. Our seasoned team will guide you through, ensuring you're shielded against potential financial pitfalls.

Opening a Claim:

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