Fiducia Wealth: The Forging of British Steel Switches


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British Steel Pension Scheme: The Fiducia Link

Fiducia Wealth Solutions has rapidly come into the limelight, largely due to its association with the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS). A retrospective glance at 2017 reveals a concerning pattern. Numerous British Steel workers, upon advice, transitioned from their robust defined benefit pension schemes to either a Personal Pension Plan or a more complex Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

In the process, they potentially compromised the benefits they had diligently built within the BSPS. The looming question remains: Could the alternative plans ever compensate for the value offered by the original BSPS?

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We are also aware that Fiducia Wealth is linked to the following SIPP Providers: Guinness Mahon (including Orbis SIPP) and Momentum SIPP.

Chronology: From Regen to Fiducia

The organisation's journey began as Regen Investments Ltd but underwent a rebranding metamorphosis, emerging as Fiducia Wealth Solutions Ltd. However, it soon met a tumultuous end, facing liquidation in late November 2020. Adding layers to the narrative, the Better Retirement Group Ltd (BRG) reportedly extended "specialist DB transfer services" to Fiducia.

BRG, wearing multiple hats such as the SIPP Club and Fiducia Wealth Solutions, appears intertwined in this maze. Further muddying the waters, Fiducia recommended investments into SVS Securities, riding on the back of pension transfer suggestions from BRG.

Aftermath: Investor Uncertainty

The domino effect – marked by Fiducia's implication in the Steelworker pension debacle and its associations with DM SVS Securities – has catapulted many unsuspecting investors into a vortex of financial insecurity.

Exploring Mis-Sold Claims

Given the circumstances, there's a rising discourse around potential mis-sold claims. If you believe you've been adversely affected by the advice or strategies deployed by Fiducia Wealth Solutions or its associated entities, you may have grounds to open a mis-sold claim. It's pivotal to secure expert counsel and understand your rights in such scenarios.

If you are interested in starting a claim, then there is still hope for you. You may just get some of your money back.

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