Barbican Bond Co: A Snapshot for Stakeholders


What is the Barbican Group?

A snapshot of the Barbican Group: They're an investment aficionado that unveiled the Barbican Isa Mini-Bond. Their goal? To entice investors to pool in money, which they planned to route into specialist care homes.

The Mini Bond Dilemma

Barbican Bond Co has been a topic of interest, especially for those associated with its No. 1 Mini Bond. One investor shared their story: "I dove into The Barbican Bond Co. No. 1 Mini Bond, a three-year journey which matured in November 2021. But now, I find myself navigating a maze, trying to recoup my investment and due returns."

Through various email communications, there were whispers of asset sales for repayment and the security trustee's enforcement decisions. But, with unanswered emails and Northern Provident Investments – the entity that provided the IS wrapper for Barbican – stepping into voluntary liquidation, the waters are muddied. For those keen on reaching out, Barbican Bondco No. 1 can be located at Throwleigh Lodge, Woking GU21 4QR.

FSCS Steps In

Come 1st February 2023, and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) stepped up. They've announced their intention to evaluate claims from Northern Provident Investments (NPI) investors. This consideration extends especially to instances where an ISA manager was involved or custodial services were on the table. Notably, this includes investments linked to Barbican Bond Co 1 Ltd, among others. However, as the FSCS stressed, this list isn't all-encompassing.

If you feel you have been affected by Barbican Bonds Co. 1 Ltd, it isn’t the end of the road and we may be able to help you.

Staying Updated & Reaching Out:

The narrative around Barbican Bond Co is dynamic, and as it unfolds, our commitment is to ensure you're in the know. We're actively tracking developments, and as soon as fresh insights emerge, we'll update this space. If you find any of these details resonating, or if you feel you might be impacted, please contact us. Your concerns matter, and we're here to assist and inform.

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