We only specialise in helping clients who have losses involving investments or pensions.

CP Financial Claims specialise in helping clients who have suffered losses involving pensions or investments.

CP Financial Claims have represented thousands of clients since 2017. With an unparalleled knowledge of the pension and investment industry (many of our staff have worked in financial services) we are determined to help people reclaim losses incurred through no fault of their own. We have combined industry knowledge with a belief in unrivalled customer service making our approach unique within the industry. Our testimonials on trust pilot illustrate this. Since the company s inception we now have a team of highly experienced management team, well-trained underwriters and compassionate customer focused claims handlers. As a result of success we achieved a 89% uphold rate with the FSCS (the highest in the country)

There has to be a lot of information on our site, due to nature of our profession. So please take your time and learn all there is to know about us. If you see something you don’t understand, or have any queries, please take a moment to drop us a line using the contact form on our
contact us page, or call us on 0203 287 7811

The Problem

Over recent years thousands of people have been given poor advice in relation to a range of financial services including pensions and investments with a common thread running through each claim. Self interest became more important than the long term financial future of their client. If this sounds familiar please contact us and you take the first steps to making a claim.

Our Approach Your Solution

We are forensic in our approach to managing your claim and with most claims we will already be aware of the circumstances that led up to your losses. We then simply couple a methodical intelligent approach with a friendly compassionate service. We are so confident of this approach we operate on a competitive, flexible terms basis

Our team and their processes are highly systemised. Every client is treated as an individual, but we always stick to tried and tested processes and methods in recovering your losses.

Our senior staff and directors have significant experience in the fields of investments and pensions and are always involved in designing the tactics which work so well for so many.

We work closely, as a team, to ensure that all areas of the business are connected and no individual or department is ever left unaware of critical intelligence that will assist our clients.

The subjects that usually affect our clients are often detailed and complex. However, it is likely that we have successfully dealt with the exact same circumstances that are impacting you. In any case, we will always fully research any matter which is new to us, via a close scrutiny of the files of the firms involved.

Our firm has close ties to Barristers, but our core business is modelled in a way that is intended to avoid the risks, cost and timescales involved in court action.

Customers have questions, we have answers. Most frequently asked questions are easy for us to answer, so don’t delay in sharing whatever is on your mind. If we talk, everybody benefits.

Have you been affected?

At CP Financial Claims, our goal is utmost transparency. You'll only be charged a fee if we successfully secure financial redress for you. The success fees can range from 15% to 25% of your settlement, depending on the amount. For more information, click here.In the event that you pursue your claims until the end but they turn out to be unsuccessful, you won't owe any payment. If you decide to cancel your claim after the 14-day cooling-off period but before the process concludes, there may be a cancellation charge. To learn more about cancellation fees, click here.

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